Elegant Plastic Surgical Centre is a one stop establishment dedicated to safe and high quality plastic and reconstructive / cosmetic surgery. The centre practises a holistic approach to health, beauty and well being of an individual. Elegant Plastic Surgical Centre is located at level 3B (medical mall) in Pantai Hospital Ipoh. This centre is well equipped with state of the art facilities, medical equipment, and experienced nursing staff. All the surgical procedures are performed by our qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Leow Aik Ming who is passionate in providing personalized service and care for all his patients.

Dr. Leow will guide you through understanding the difficulties and sometimes confusing decisions encountered before considering any forms of plastic surgery during consultations. Our centre’s kind and friendly staff are always available to answer your enquiries about the services and procedures available at Elegant Plastic Surgical Centre. Please contact us or make an appointment with our plastic surgeon for consultation.